Electronic Pulse Analgesia Pen Acupuncture Meridian Pain Relief Point Message Device
This electronic pulse analgesia pen is a handy and fast-working device, which is based on transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation. The tip of this pen works on the point of pain by simulating the nerves to activate the endorphins. 

● Compact in size, convenient to carry and practical to use.
● Safety for use and no side effect, good for your health.
● Fast stimulate nervous system.
● Effectively help you to relieve the pain.
● There is no overdose risk with this pen.
● External power supply, completely sealed and does not required batteries.
● The body's natural pain reliever, the device consist of a spring-loaded activator connected to the external button, which strikes against the piezoelectric converter to produce the energy on the user's skin. 
● Suitable for relieve chronic and acute pain, such as aching limbs, backaches and shoulder pain, etc.

How to use:
- Firmly wrap your finger around the metal ring.
- Place the pen over the point of the pain and click the gray button 30 to 40 times, each time for 30 seconds.

 Warm remind:
- Unsuitable crowds: Epileptics and pregnant women.
- Just for external use and please do not allow children under the age of 8 to use this pen without adult supervision.
- Please clean the pen by cutton cloth with alcohol.

Electronic Pulse Analgesia Pen


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