This car is a realistic scale replica of a real Ford Ranger is a surperb replica of the real one and is licensed by Ford.

Opitional parent remote control:

The car can be used with the normal in-car control, using the padel with the forawrds/reverse gears and steering wheel, or can be used opitionally used remotely with the parent control. The parental radio remote can be operated from up to around 20m away, controls foewards/reverse and moves the steering wheel right and left.

MP3 player input with volume control:

The car come with a cable which plug into the dashboard, allowing a MP3 player or any other device with a headphones scoket 
to be plugged in, and the music played through the car speaker.Plugging in a device disables the in-car sounds.

Steering wheel sounds:

The steering wheel bottons include horn and music sounds.

Seat belt:

The car has a seat belt fitted,to keep your child safe if using the parental remote option.

Working lights:

Real working headlights and flashing indicator.

Power system:

12V battery and powerful twin motors.


    • Moving foreward and backward
    • Front LED lights hood LED lights function
    • MP3 connector USB SD card socket Radio function
    • Different music on the dashboard and dashboard LED lights effect
    • Battery indicator
    • Tailgate can be opened like truck
    • Two doors can be opened
    • Bonnet can be opened 
    • 2.4G Bluetooth remote controller
    • One Button Engine Start
    • High and Low speed 
    • 4 wheels suspension and wheels lights effect
    • Finish with high gross paint
    • Motors: 2* 35W Battery: 12V7AH
    • Average speed: 3-5KM / H
    • Suitable age: 3-8 Years

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