The M24 is a new 2019 model in the sniper range. It is the best sniper rifle to be released in the gel blaster range. Not only does it look cool, but it also has a functional manual bolt action and really packs a punch out of the box

- Bolt action
- Manual loaded spring
- Removable accessories
- Extendable butt stock
- Magazine
- Material: ABS

1 x Brand New M24 Sniper Rifle - Gel Blaster
1 x Gel Ball Magazine 
1 x Removable scope
1 x Bipod stand
1 x Sling 
1 x Supressor 
1 x Safety Glasses 

Firing Power:
Approximately 160 FPS 

Firing Range:
25+ Metres

Ammo Size:
7 - 8mm



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