The latest offering from SKD, we bring you the M4SS. 

Featuring a Full nylon construction, screw on hand guard and also stock tube, this blaster can be customised to the users preference with ease. 

The M4SS also features a Mag Primer and fire selector that has Single Shot, Burst fire and Automatic fire straight out of the Box. 

This is a high quality Blaster and is a step up in the world of gel blasters.

  • Alloy Barrel
  • 7.4v Battery
  • Fire Select Switch, Semi, Burst and Full Auto
  • Nylon Construction
  • Screw on Hand Guard and Buffer tube
  • Integrated Hand guard and picatinny rail kit.


    • Gel blaster
    • Dehydrated Gels
    • 7.4v battery and USB charger
    • silencer and flash hider kit
    • Static reflex Sight (non operational)
    • Magazine
    • Nylon Stock
    • Picatinny rail kit 

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